Healing approaches


Shamanic healing can be talked about as either helping us let go of whatever isn’t ours, or bringing home life energy that has been lost or scattered.

Letting go of what isn’t ours

In life, we all pick up stuff that isn’t ours and doesn’t serve us. We absorb emotions and thoughts from people around us. This is especially true when we’re young,  or in a close relationship.

We can absorb energies from chaotic or busy environments, or in times when we’re vulnerable––during illnesses, for example, or after trauma. Medical procedures, anesthesia, or experiences of altered consciousness (alcohol, drugs) can also create vulnerability.

Staying grounded and taking good care of our boundaries is always helpful, and still, healing work of this kind is a good, regular practice. If you do healing work of any kind, work in a service profession, or work or live in turbulent environments, “letting go” will be especially important for you.

Releasing energy and patterns that don’t belong to us clears our thinking and feeling. We feel more centered, more grounded, more like our true selves.

Bringing energy home

Our energy boundaries tend to be more fluid than we realize. Just as we pick up other energy, we can also lose some of our own.

This often happens in close relationships. In family and intimate relationships, we can give our energy away, thinking it will help make the relationship stronger or somehow help the other person (it doesn’t). Most parents give energy to their children at some point, for example, because we want things to be better or easier for them.

In situations of trauma, some of our life energy can be lost. Dissociating, for example, is a natural coping mechanism. Traditional cultures often had practices for help people recover from trauma emotionally as well as physicially, but in modern life, we often don’t recognize the need to gather up all our energy after a bad experience.

Bringing all our energy back home can increase energy and clarity, reduce fatigue, and allow us to move toward our goals with confidence.