Healing Work


Shamanic healing is an ancient practice in which shamans journey to spirit realms to bring information and healing back into ordinary reality. This is holistic healing.  Shamanic traditions understand that the physical world is part of a larger reality, and true healing must address imbalances and difficulties at all levels of energy and spirit.

Shamanic practice is compatible with many belief systems. While you will want to be open to the possibility of healing, you need not believe anything in particular for this work to be effective.  I find it helpful to use the “as if” approach: I make sure I feel safe and comfortable, then act “as if” whatever I am trying is true and effective, and see what happens.  This opens the door to many new experiences.

wolfhowl2My shamanic practice includes many forms of healing work. In any healing session, you will receive what you need and can accept at that moment.  A skilled shamanic healer is guided by her allies, giving you the experience that will best help you at that time.

Shamans worldwide and throughout history have worked with many other healing modalities, and many medical professionals today are becoming more open to this and other “alternative” approaches.  You are free to consult other healers you work with about your experiences with shamanic healing, and in some cases, the shamanic practitioner may suggest other modalities that might be helpful for you.

Shamanic healing is in no way intended to replace regular medical advice or treatment.  If you are under the care of a physician or other medical practitioner, please continue all usual treatments and medications as indicated.