About Me


tiger(morguefile)editI became aware of contemporary shamanic practice when serious illness ended my professional career soon after I turned 40. A student of anthropology, I knew about ancient and indigenous healing traditions, but did not expect to be exploring them for myself.

Looking for ways to cope with chronic pain and adjust to a new way of living, I met Bekki Shining Bearheart and Crow Swimsaway of the Church of Earth Healing where I first learned to journey.

I studied with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, taking workshops with Myron Eshowsky and other teachers, and the two-week intensive program under the guidance of David Corbin and Nan Moss. I am an active member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners. I’ve had wonderful opportunities to study with Tom Cowan, Betsy Bergstrom, and Martin Duffy and Annette Peard of Shamanism Ireland.

I offer healing and teaching through shamanic journeying. I love to explore myth and story, creative play, women’s lives and goddess spirituality, ecology and environmental issues, and my Irish heritage.

My undergraduate and master’s degrees are in anthropology. I studied instructional design and faculty development, and have a PhD in education with a minor in anthropology. I spent twenty years consulting with faculty, designing and evaluating learning programs, and teaching. I love teaching, and crafting learning experiences that are effective as well as meaningful. I’m also a writer of essays, poetry and fiction.

For a list of my publications and presentations on shamanism, follow this link.